In news of new network Shanghai on July 13 report Drama of practical subject matter " 30 just " be about to defend in east inspect Oriental theater to broadcast. A few days ago, thin film of main actor river, Tong Yao, Mao Xiaotong, poplar , Li Zefeng walks into east to defend inspect direct seeding, crossed together ” birthday clique of 30 years old is right ” . River thin film transforms personally ” gold ark elder sister ” , promote lipstick it may be said to market test of skill final examination to male client. Lipstick of spot of red of dawn of children’s folk, wool tries quality, mirth is ceaseless. Poplar , Li Zefeng explodes solely makings growing fun, tear bomb is sent between direct seeding. While joy is interactive, main actors still shared this drama to film with the audience backstage story. This direct seeding is in ” drama boast is Oriental ” shake sound, quick worker, small gain 3 Zhang date undertakes at the same time, attracted numerous netizen to surround view.

   Red of

dawn of wool of children’s folk of Jiang Shu shadow

  There is the courage that begins afresh outside the play in play

2019 summer vacation time, east is defended inspect broadcast develop family of Chinese the university entrance exam of true portraiture ” small jubilate ” , because of the gut of the narrative means of relaxed humour, placatory popular feeling, and become last year archives of summer vacation time of be worthy of explode money theatrical work. As realistic theme drama the first broadcast the east of platform is defended inspect, this year of archives of summer vacation time leave piece, target the look 30+ females group. The platoon sows ” 30 just ” the life dilemma that place of 30 years old of women faces focusing, live pain spot, pass ” just ” 2 words, deliver lightsome the state of mind that faces a problem, appeal female solves a problem with positive attitude and action, release self-worth and force, archives of summer vacation time of hopeful start shooting the first artillery piece, become today Xia Xin explodes paragraph.

In drama, 3 females faced all sorts of different life problems in a years this 30 years old. The king of personate of river thin film overflows Ni, it is a Shanghai that seeks attributive sense float, be in however birthday encountered life low ebb this day, the life pressed time-out bolts. The Gu Jia of Tong Yao personate, it is a perfect wife that looks omnipotent in alien, can take care of good family already, can assist the husband to do a company again. However double business on-line she too pursuit is perfect, let the person beside times feeling pressure, cause marital occurrence crisis. The Zhong Xiaoqin of Mao Xiaotong personate, the person that a step-by-step, opposite lives and the job did not ask higher is 30 years old ago, look be like firm marriage, be in, because inside and outside because drive, collapse with a loud crash. The female that case of 3 individual character, setting differs completely, after becoming boudoir honey, medium rough twists and turns lives after answering 30 years old hand in hand, be full of warmth and energy.

Thin film of the river outside play, Tong Yao, Mao Xiaotong also as it happens is the elder sister of 30+ , because this is diagonally,color is having particularly much resonance and comprehend. River thin film says frankly oneself and Wang Manni have a lot of resemblance, in the process in personate more and more very feel distressed the female that this assiduous Ju Yong contends for at fighting. Tong Yao expresses most the place that enjoys Gu Jia, it is she has turn over dish of courage that comes again. And Mao Xiaotong is part Zhong Xiaoqin can from arrive mistily ego arousal, feel glad.

The height that stems from diagonally color understands, river thin film, Tong Yao, Mao Xiaotong is free in film produced a lot of content, after a lot of extemporaneous things are patted, 3 people meet one case Hahaha laugh is ceaseless, because ” too noisy ” , make a director special ” the head is big ” . River thin film shows, role of 3 women in drama, outside including show they, retain one begins afresh, 30 just courage. “This also is we want to transfer authority very much, very agree with this play experience. “This also is we want to transfer authority very much, very agree with this play experience..

   Li Zefeng prepares ” by clapperclaw “

  Poplar believes the man ” have resonance “

” 30 just ” although of focusing is the female’s bewilderment and pain spot, but to 30+ males the problem in the life, job also has development to show. Of Li Zefeng personate is marital Xu Huanshan of Gu Jia, a firework stylist, be hit to cause envy making a person by madam skill ” make always ” , very great pressure bore in the heart however. Li Zefeng divulges had been done became good this part after broadcasting is met by the preparation in the heart of audience clapperclaw. Poplar of personate is Chen Yu of TV station editor, because work medium not successful, and oversight the feeling of the wife, two people produced clash, bring about marriage to shine a red light. Poplar thinks, ” 30 just ” this drama also suits male audience to watch very. “The person of this age, in concerning at a kind of affection, or marriage, or is about to enter marriage, concern these a few kinds of affection in drama with true besides show an audience. How should the man face him, face other in part, face the pressure of the job and life, believe audience of a lot of males looks to be able to have resonance. Believe audience of a lot of males looks to be able to have resonance..

Since be the theme of this news briefing,be ” birthday clique of 30 years old is right ” , nature is little not cake and promise. Direct seeding spot, 5 main actors wrote down the expectation that is born with later generations to 30 years old on wish card. Him future of hope of river thin film can more give ego along with heart, work; Tong Yao hopes to be able to have the choice of more freedom; Mao Xiaotong hopes to maintain first heart; Li Zefeng expresses to want him encourage to maintain the state of mind of study; Poplar wants to live well, cherish each days. (Be over)