In news of new network Shanghai on July 30 report Review 2020 first half of the year, epidemic situation is in China ” fast-moving ” , going up somehow, it or will permanent change Internet world. Here judgment setting falls, an important perspective is ” direct seeding ” form of this one product, in unusual times gradually thorough popular feeling.

Recently, trustdata of the platform of big data of famous and mobile Internet that monitor released home ” industry of Chinese mobile Internet grew an analysis to report f

irst half of the year 2020 ” , the report shows, direct seeding of Chinese prickly ash scope of active user number amounts to the month first half of the year 28 million, get continuously in industry of extensive recreation direct seeding run, appear with the difference of adversary of a person of same business enlarge a trend.

On the other hand, below the benefit good background that sends force 2 times in direct seeding industry, platform of each direct seeding all make ” direct seeding + ” attempt, the competition between zoology layout platform is sent more intense. Hind epidemic situation times, whether the requirement of direct seeding content that satisfies an user continuously, dig the direct seeding ode to traditional industry at the same time can upper limit, the trend of victory or defeat that decides the player inside circuit.

Perfect ” direct seeding + ” user of direct seeding of zoology catenary Chinese prickly ash is agglutinant promotion is apparent

Below the setting of new coronal epidemic situation, direct seeding industry is amount to does not suffer more ” black swan ” the influence is obtained to take the trade of situation. Review the keyword of domain of mobile first half of the year 2020 Internet, the first is ” the cloud lives ” , the people that is kept apart compulsively to be in the home releases socialization and recreational requirement doubly online on, emerge in large numbers gives variety 100 ” direct seeding + ” zoology; It is next ” direct seeding + amount to a person / star ” ” direct seeding takes money ” .

In ” the cloud lives ” in exploration, save up of direct seeding of Chinese prickly ash a large number of ” act below the line art direct seeding is changed migratory ” experience, go up in the near future line direct seeding of Chinese prickly ash ” cloud theater ” channel. “Week of fashionable dress of undergraduate of 2020 China International ” it is be born ” cloud theater ” activity of first heavy pound, 62 top class art are participated in on college line, moot of time of graduation old show, school, vogue shares meeting and spot invite applications for a job to meet all with direct seeding + interactive means be born appears, show piece right multivariate the integrated transmission capacity of setting.

Be in ” cloud theater ” before the line on channel, direct seeding of Chinese prickly ash undertook a series of content extend exploration attrib borderly. In Feburary ” all the people of one mind, china is cheered ” the no benefit performance on star line, hold a content sex and commonweal sex concurrently. March ” cloud classroom ” the base of direct seeding technology that relies on lead, provided dovish platform to must teach the group of teachers and students that turns on the line. In April with in May inside course of study of direct seeding of Chinese prickly ash head push ” the cloud is bridal ” , let more new personality can pass through limitation, online go up happy knot is allied. Between this, “Concert love a beans ” , ” the Livehouse on the line ” , ” say to learn to amuse call comic dialogue special performance ” wait for a tradition to act art kind content, also change on synchronous line migratory.

Direct seeding platform is transferring to the run-of-mill vehicle carrier that crosses a territory from pure recreation tool. Demand erupts, direct seeding trade is getting involved in the round the life, and be in early 2017 already layout ” direct seeding + ” direct seeding of Chinese prickly ash, got value cashs gradually. Trustdata report shows, direct seeding of Chinese prickly ash is in the user is agglutinant first half of the year achieved 32.9% , grow 27.97% compared to the same period, continued the powerful momentum since first quarter.

Almost daily have brand-new the line on the content of configuration, the direct seeding user of different be fond of can find the direct seeding content that agrees with self interest, the content of direct seeding of Chinese prickly ash is extended with introduce, the user that enlarged platform undoubtedly is agglutinant foundation.

Mining new personality + content and formal innovation work along both lines, direct seeding of Chinese prickly ash increases scope newly banner circuit

2020, direct seeding industry from 2019 first hind transfer to increment market by the market that put an amount again, this has new user already among them the first time attempt, also there is no lack of of old user return to again. To platform of each direct seeding character, trade of convention of shirt-sleeve translate into spreads way aptly, will be an ode can the key with evolution. Data report shows Trustdata2020 first half of the year, in domain of recreational direct seeding, 49.8% of direct seeding of Chinese prickly ash.

On one hand, direct seeding of Chinese prickly ash passes an ode can traditional act art industry, the attempt builds poor dissimilation, diversity, high quality direct seeding modes of life and relation to their environment, on the other hand, direct seeding of Chinese prickly ash also is searched from industry interior further play law and new blood newly, “In-house ” and ” exterior ” exploration develops simultaneously or be direct seeding of Chinese prickly ash grew speed to get first half of the year 2020 run one of reasons of recreational direct seeding.

In May, economy of booth is in the ground gets angry hot setting falls more, direct seeding of Chinese prickly ash rolls out show of outdoors direct seeding ” who is ground booth king ” , in the whole nation 6 cities creativity is begun ” direct seeding + the ground spreads out ” match PK, abound direct seeding content ceaselessly. June ” the most beautiful music ” it is direct seeding of Chinese prickly ash ” the most beautiful series is surpassed ” year head is beautiful, regard direct seeding of Chinese prickly ash as the series of match of heavy pound talent first half of the year, leave traditional line type of upper mould of match instead line on one hand, go up than spelling a basis in high strenth talent at the same time, the biggest change vermicelli made from bean starch to participate in degree, the help is new old advocate the double growth that sows implementation experience and discharge. Started in July, second half of the year will hold continuously ” glaring nova plans ” represented direct seeding ” play a way newly ” trend, more body reveals platform to new personality give aid to: Take part in the match advocate sow with 95 hind for backbone, innovation contest is made it is core than going all out with person energy of life, join advocate sow education link, by Guo Jing, Zhang He announce and Chinese prickly ash become famous advocate sow composition to groom adviser group, will ” mining new personality ” fall to real point.

Increase on one hand right high grade new show advocate sowed education and mining strength, on the other hand this one target and confluence of innovation program form, found the own innovation way that belongs to direct seeding of Chinese prickly ash gradually.

As ” direct seeding + everything ” becoming the reality 2020. Ode of competition, industry is permeated to be able to get the person that run to contend for the period setting that grab to fall between platform, provide the content that holds an amusement, diversity and poor dissimilation concurrently, it is 3 timeses are opposite direct seeding of recreational direct seeding inside unripe demand. No matter each platform in the industry, or it is the entire staff on chain of production of direct seeding content, go to active or passive participation change in.