In news of new network Shanghai on July 7 report (Wang Ji) 2020 archives of summer vacation time, by Shanghai culture square theater management limited company makes manufacturing melodrama two ” my last wish detailed list ” ” Chun Zhijiao wakes ” will come 12 days on July 7 respectively, came on July 30 going up on August 1 warmth of square of culture of steam · Shanghai is performed. These two represent the green, point of view that states the work that grow to never will be the same as in all, with different Thespian kernel to audience illuminate ” green ” theme.

” my last wish detailed list ” . / the government is offerred pursue

  ” my last wish detailed list ” focusing instantly

Melodrama ” my last wish detailed list ” tell about Liubao of a sicken teenager and Yang Xiaoyu of a world-weary teenager to be finished together ” last wish detailed list ” story. They experienced each other to save in the process that be between tears and smiles atone for and grow, the essence that comprehends life eventually — ” do not take a pity everyday, just be living meaning. Just be living meaning..

Since theater of Shanghai culture square managed limited company open to rectify drama to make 2016, ” my last wish detailed list ” in 4 years the show evens more 100, footmark spreads all over 22 cities of countrywide. Work erupts with warmth and sturdy Thespian kernel a kind of abiding and tender force, its former voice music broadcasts a quantity nearly 900 thousand times, small gain topic reads a quantity to exceed 100 million, the Chinese melodrama that makes a lot of young audiences ” into hole ” make.

This year, this ” small and beautiful ” classic work will be landed first ” advocate ” on the arena of square of culture of steam · Shanghai, open is new round ” last wish detailed list ” brigade.

The epidemic situation of arise suddenly let normal life break away from orbit 2020, also place proposition of life and death to everybody before. And ” my last wish detailed list ” serve as ” goluptious fine medicine ” , those who want to communicate is ” cherish instantly ” and ” hard subsist ” life philosophy, this produced unprecedented resonance and concussion in instantly mood, arouse people to think to life, family, ego and the more that accept or reject.

Direct motor feeling character: “Recently, I am thinking all the time: What can Thespian industry take to people during epidemic situation. My discovery pays attention to the spot to feel more dramatically, what stay to people is memory. Hope my work can let others be in when facing dilemma, have gratified, relaxedly, happy force. Probably a certain number of after year, this group of actors act in a play no longer, I also guide no longer made fun of, but if somebody remembers in at one’s leisure, when oneself experience anguish, be ” my last wish detailed list ” make him clear: Hard subsist will be better. This is enough. This is enough..

It is reported, this round of show continues the cast last year — 8 7 groups of 6 actors, collocation, shows — multivariate combination of across blocking department happens collision different scintilla, explanation is opposite severally ” Liu Bao ” and ” Yang Xiaoyu ” understanding. After the show that ends Shanghai station, ” my last wish detailed list ” still will head for 14 cities such as justice black, Hangzhou, Nanjing, open more than 20 ” Yang Xiaoyu and Liu Bao are full of labyrinthian itinerate concert ” , specific make one’s rounds performs a plan will announcing in succession in the future.

” Chun Zhijiao wakes ” . / Wang Qi easy is photographed

  ” Chun Zhijiao wakes ” deepness ” Chinese change ” present poetic flavour

Run limited company by theater of Shanghai culture square hand in hand the melodrama that foreign international makes jointly ” Chun Zhijiao wakes ” also admire Jing appear, going up on August 1 at coming on July 30 square of culture of steam · Shanghai is sung noisy ” the song of purple summer ” . This the show will appear with complete Chinese form, bell general of Dai Zhengyi Bin and Li Wei of senior melodrama actor serves as melodrama new sound brand-new affection of bend blocking department joins in.

” Chun Zhijiao wakes ” it is the script that · Wei Dejin wrote German dramatist Frank 1891 at first. Story happening is in the Germany with exceeding and old-fashioned concept of 19 centuries, society: Adolescent girls discovered him body and heart gradually grow, they long to seek the solution; Boys are accepting inflexible education in the school, they try to launch a challenge to book and authority, more a variety of trouble in facing the life… melodrama ” Chun Zhijiao wakes ” Stephen Saite represents write a play: “At me character, ” Chun Zhijiao wakes ” times meaning never is compared today when more intense now — we still do not have the sound that listening attentively to children truly nowadays. The times stands bravely in the youths that calling us, speak them ‘ purple summer ‘ secret. Speak them ‘ purple summer ‘ secret..

This year January, brand-new make ” Chun Zhijiao wakes ” going up the theater performs 12 repeatedly, open the aesthetic storm of a muddled exploration about youth and poetic flavour. Advocate what the director holds the position of in starting a group is director of melodrama of the Broadway the Cenozoic Era, choreography Spencer Lifu, and city of Liuxiao of director of courtyard of Chinese country modern drama, actor. Spencer Lifu ever was ” Chun Zhijiao wakes ” 2015 the Broadway answer the choreography of composing, this is the Broadway the melodrama of the first shirt-sleeve sign language, limbs expression is provided extremely revolutionary. And in square director Liu Xiaoyi is to be good at the element such as limbs, sound, will painterly, multimedia undertaking collision and confluence.

Besides blended in numerous China element, contemporary element besides, to let work can relate this story about youth with the expression of instantly better, the show of epicycle will with complete Chinese (Chinese actor’s lines, Chinese is sung) the form appears. During epidemic situation, square of culture of steam · Shanghai invites melodrama interpret to matched Qin Zi to begin to be as long as on the song of a few months ” Chinese change ” process, a few easy its stalk of grain, also be the same as actor, advocate achieve for many times attend a meeting discuss. To ” Chun Zhijiao wakes ” this work, “Believe Da Ya ” 3 words do not resemble looking so simple: Chinese libretto wants already clear and coherent sing easily, deliver an accurate mood, resemble original ev

en in that way, hold the aesthetic feeling that has a verse concurrently. In addition more want joint the disposition of different figure and life setting, test of it may be said is heavy.

On vise general manager of square of culture of steam · Shanghai expends Yuan Hongceng to translate overmuch ministry world-renowned melodrama, have rich interpret to match experience. Even if is such, he also says frankly: “” Chun Zhijiao wakes ” it is current till in the melodrama that culture square makes the most difficult Chinese a when change an interpreter. Its difficult just depends on its simple lyric, delivering abstruse and hazy mood, letting each libretto is a poem. From tell somehow, our interpret deserves to also must become a poet, the freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting of the east of enjoyable and aesthetic translate into the west is aesthetic, square can artistic conception is interlinked. Square can artistic conception is interlinked..

The card department of epicycle show still will have melodrama new reputation the bend affection of Dai Zhengyi Bin and bell of Li Wei of senior melodrama actor joins in. (Be over)