In news of new network Shanghai on July 15 report (Wang Ji) clear channel of freeboard of first 4K of Shanghai — ” mirth theater channel ” 15 days leave formally external sow. Freeboard Qing Dynasty draws the program content that pledge and abounds, view what bring cinema level for the audience the experience.

It is reported, 4K freeboard is clear ” mirth theater ” channel is in stage of Shanghai broadcasting television former high-definition ” mirth theater ” on channel foundation, hold name and call sign changeless adjust upgrade and come, channel is round-the-clock 24 hours broadcast, the class such as drama of content include movie and TV, put together art, on-the-spot record, sports. Head sow a column to include ” select a cinema ” , ” strong archives put together art ” , ” match exceeding Qing Dynasty ” and ” exploration discovers greatly ” etc, broadcast the relevant technology standard that content accords with total bureau of national wide report to exceed high-definition TV to broadcast about 4K entirely.

Stage of Shanghai broadcasting television ” mirth theater ” 4K channel leaves sow a ceremony. / the government is offerred pursue

relatively at high-definition channel, the image definition of 4K freeboard clear channel is more exquisite, the expression of colour brightness is more rich, can reach film level, 4K sound effect also comparatives with the cinema, the acoustics of three-dimensional sound can exceed a cinema even, the audience can experience in the home the seeing and hearing to the cinema is experienced.

Inc. of new media of stage of Shanghai broadcasting television, SMG and subordinate and Oriental bright phearl (Oriental bright phearl) the exploration that holds to products of pair of high-definition seeing and hearing from beginning to end. Be in early 2012, stand of Shanghai broadcasting television opens the beginning of industry common practice, take the lead in making broadcast Qing Dynasty of first 4K freeboard publicizes wide cable industry piece. Hold the many class such as movie and TV of the include on reserve, put together art, sports inside at present, leave to including Shanghai international film festival closure, medium exceed red-letter day of music of meadow of hill of league matches, celestial bodies, ” the limit is challenged ” wait for well-known trademark content to all use freeboard Qing Dynasty metric system is made, the issues Shang Shiying course of study to man

ufacture by banner of Oriental bright phearl teleplay that the near future just kills blueness ” two the individual’s Shanghai ” use 8K whole technological process to make, for domestic initiate.

According to ” operation of development of estate of freeboard clear video plans (2019-2022 year) ” , to 2022 number of user of 4K freeboard clear video predicts to will be amounted to 200 million, overall market dimensions will be achieved 4 trillion. (Be over)