In news of new network Shanghai on July 20 report (Kang Yuzhan) on July 18, angelababy is trembling sound undertook the theme is ” Baby is planted careless base ” direct seeding carries goods head show. The atmosphere between direct seeding is fervent, commodity is linked for many times just went up frame by scare buying one sky, vermicelli made from bean starch asks to fill in succession goods. Baby and compere cooperate tacit understanding, still have honored guest friend aid between airborne direct seeding blast, round collective of relatives and friends of the Baby on the line brushs a gift to support Baby to carry goods head show.

   4 hours of major explain to with experience Baby direct seeding Yan Youyou expects

Arrived at 8 o’clock in the evening from 18 days before dawn, condition of whole journey of Baby of direct seeding of 4 many hours is admirable, make a person straight breathe out dynamic Baby is too beautiful. Not only Baby sends the welfare of half price of big shop sign on to buy for vermicelli made from bean starch from dig down, still have 1 yuan of seconds many rounds to reduce rush to purchase, not only test net fast more test vermicelli made from bean starch people hand fast.

Baby is in selection respect also very attentively, many rounds of negotiation takes the group price of next vermicelli made from bean starch of direct seeding lowest, the selection type such as United States makeup, fashionable number has the snacks of the choice masses sex. Baby experts in direct seeding not only foretaste, still go up personally instrument of hairdressing of facial try out, link is worn to also present a major to try quality for vermicelli made from bean starch on lipstick.

The interesting link in Baby direct seeding is not little also. Online solution is locked up between direct seeding, still manage the success that drives two locks repeatedly, locked up welfare for solution of vermicelli made from bean starch not only, baby still was harvested ” king of lock of all corners of the country ” title. Encounter endearment sunglasses, baby still cannot help wearing the sunglas

ses dance that sunglasses will come to be heated up greatly a paragraph recently. Involve what be familiar with to oneself to protect skin domain, baby also explains female star to vermicelli made from bean starch patiently people protect skin little experience. Star people try water direct seeding to take money in succession, and professional manner and interact interestingly, ability attracts vermicelli made from bean starch people enter direct seeding, and everybody’s view is held inside short time.

   Star in succession foreground of future of end zone goods after all how

Angelababy brings goods result this considerable, spend with her own countryman, the element such as zoology of quantity of vermicelli made from bean starch, platform is inseparable. Take money than traditional direct seeding, star direct seeding is existing a lot of advantages. Star direct seeding takes goods to be able to produce power of vermicelli made from bean starch, draw public opinion attention, still can magnify brand effect.

Additional, shake attribute of phonic oneself platform to suit direct seeding to head the development of goods as much, platform discharge pool and star collision produce chemical reaction, nearsightedness frequency supplies discharge heat for direct seeding, direct seeding consumes its translate into heat again. As online consumption setting the life of people mixes ceaseless infiltration the user is online the growth of shopping demand, goods of direct seeding belt also can develop a more forms and play a way.