In news of new network Shanghai on June 20 report (Xu Yin Chenyi clever) giant star of

musical circle of 80 time popularity, ocean of name of king of song of 10 annuity music acts 20 days in Shanghai THE BOXX art the center was held after reappearing first love song friend is met. Long parted happy altar 30 years long, still attracted the song that comes from world each district to confuse people come round to go to an appointment, it is the God elegant demeanour that sees true golden age only.


   Confess of person of numerous star music ” eventually when you ” renown ocean is touched choke with sobs

Press conference one begin, ocean offers the good friend name that the numerous star such as light of Ren Xianqi, Deng Miaohua, Yang Qinghuang, Zhang Chen, Tang Jili attachs most importance to new regression musical circle on blessing. The Guan Lingzhi after song of optimal guest language says golden bell reward, “Be apart is so old, you are not decreased enthusiasticly to music still. ” singer Lin Xiujing says, “Eventually when you, recursive musical circle, set out afresh. ” singer Ren Xianqi says, “Warm like long-unseen singing heart, was full of love. ” the former Wang Saizhou that start a person weighs Qingdao, “Successful sailing, expect more an excellent work is sung we listen. Expect more an excellent work is sung we listen..


In the applause with enthusiastic spot, renown ocean wears the dress of blue-black profile restoring ancient ways with clear line, the whole body adorns paillette, bead labour, gem, ostrich wool… show 80 time end the costly modelling at the beginning of 90 time represents an element, with classical full-court of string of be puzzled of evil spirit of instantly of the music that burn gold, show handsome and bright giant star elegant demeanour. When expressing feeling character, renown ocean is grasping microphone to think a mouth, but a few degrees are touched choke with sobs. He says frankly there still is bit of insecurity before the song is friendly, the organ that worries about oneself not answer once upon a time and the song confuses friends or cannot go to an appointment because of epidemic situation influence, the song that sees so much comes from all corners of the land nowadays is confused, intersect old good friend was returned beside, more sturdy the determination of him return musical circle, “A throat I am enmeshed completely in music, no matter went how long, my heart belongs to arena from beginning to end ” .

   Reappear first degrees of fair begin sings new song song confusing breathes out continuously ” green came back “


Renown ocean was sung publicly first not only that day ” return me beside ” ” want to find that only her ” etc brand-new the new song in recursive special, your spot cheers caper, still sang ” secretly had loved ” ” lover rain ” ” part company place in wind ” ” I am actually penniless etc ” etc meat chopped into small pieces the classical song of broil popular feeling, cause full-court cantata. Synchronous cloud direct seeding watchs a quantity to also be defeated 10 thousand! Name foreign vermicelli made from bean starch group became ” memory is killed ” the spot, a lot of people breathe out continuously ” green came back! ” song confusing leaves a message say, “Remembered first love ~ ” ” the years of that Duan Qingcong that a foreign special listens to when letting me remember a middle school! ” ” wife is to listen to me to sing ” part company place in wind ” later follow me, in those days I ability is 20 years old. In those days I ability is 20 years old..

   Times of the epidemic situation after thinking ocean of name of warm and more person proclaims after regression will continue to devote oneself to enthusiastic commonweal

Will to song friend meet end, the name is foreign again to all present friends express one’s thanks to, be thankful reappear can get so much supports, let him have enthusiasm of return big scenic and power. “30 years, the song that acknowledgment guards me silently all the time is confused people. I miss arena, miss microphone, miss your applause and ear more. ” he thanks wife so much particularly year the company that come and encourage, let him be able to set out bravely afresh, search more genuine oneself. “Return to this first heart, want to bring warmth for more person namely. No matter be on creation career another height, guide and support of organic still meeting more posterity. The hope can give out heat in more domain glow, give oneself love, create more value. ” this field song friend can be sung for commonweal, the song is confused people times of the epidemic situation after given love will be contributed continues the Bai Yi angel of expect people. Renown ocean says, “2020, epidemic situation also cannot beat us, hope only my music, can again the heart of placatory everybody. Can again the heart of placatory everybody..

Do not stop in song confusing in calling, silvered coin in order to tell the name of field of take leave of to return arena again originally, display went up encoreter music — ” expect wind stops ” , ground of his be reluctant to part is singing: “Want to close an eye, take your form in my heart, wind can take away the dream, persuade the heart to stay, blow do not come loose those memory. You are such beauty, sky is the tear that misses you, want to look for a reason to accompany your left and right sides again, give my sincerity. ” (be over)