In news of new network Shanghai on July 13 report Be as high as China to plan (abbreviation GCP) is released formally. 2021, objective is as high as freely greatly stand resemble will shaking come on stage, this will make bid of Shanghai’s new consumptive travel ground, and numerous be as high as vermicelli made from bean starch ” bethel ” .

In the GCP news briefing that held on the line on July 11, shallow billabong sincere (SUNRISE president; ) of president of day Shanghai, small body Shang Hong (SUNRISE is as high as series producer) , cany Yuan Xiaoshi (BANDAI SPIRITS is as high as presiding commander) it is in video, be as high as China to planned to undertake making a speech.

This objective is as high as freely greatly stand picture, will cooperate [Mitsui Shopping Park treasure Shanghai Jin Qiao] practice, the plan is at was being revealed 2021 before everybody. This commerce project is Mitsui praedial group is in a home of Chinese Shanghai operation ” treasure ” project. Freedom is as high as is to be in ” motor-driven soldier is as high as SEED ” in the machine armour that come on stage, those who be in China be as high as very tall person energy of life is enjoyed in confusing.

Resemble through standing, the people that hopes to be able to let China and even whole world can experience the imposing manner that is as high as freely and glamour clearly. This also is field of afterwards Tokyo stage ” in kind is big alone horny animal is as high as stand picture ” and predict to will be in what yokohama appears Autumn 2020 ” GUNDAM FACTORY YOKOHAMA ” (movable objective is as high as greatly reveal establishment) later, dagaodali resembles the in kind beyond first Japan project. Arrange agile fact for the project, we hammer and tongs.

The objective that the news briefing alluded to will be built not only is as high as freely greatly stand picture, still include what after this film plans to begin, numerous and newest circumjacent commodity, still have be about to of practice be as high as base new store. Of unprecedented be as high as tornado to be about to raid!

In addition, direct seeding spot invited Yin Zheng of Chinese youth actor, he showed in the spot he is senior be as high as confused identity. Yin Zheng still says, oneself are collected more than 100 are as high as a model, include among them alone horny animal is as high as, can angel is as high as, flying ala is as high as, raid by force be as high as etc, have those who be as high as vermicelli made from bean starch to long for day and night even ” the father that be as high as ” the edition of set limit to of Yuan Bangnan autograph is as high as the great river. Yin Zheng returns respecting, the likelihood has to be as high as in all schoolboy heart.

Besides, close to will be as high as relevant product henceforth develop a plan, yin Zheng expresses to serve as vermicelli made from bean starch special expect.

2020 also is to be as high as a model 40 years at the same time, 40 years exclusive of commodity roll out also be in the plan.

Still have goods of money of demarcate of area of inland of a lot of China roll out. By ” the father that be as high as ” the 12 any of the twelve animalses that great river Yuan Bangnan designs personally are as high as child rat, and the goods that ties with the very famous Molly photograph in POPmart, QSV series ” be as high as × tide to play ” commodity.

In addition, for souvenir news briefing, small gain of government of China of palace of the dream austra

l 10 thousand generation and date of small letter public can have elegant gift to give. Besides mark the motor-driven soldier that is as high as G meeting Logo is as high as LOGO to spell U of money of outfit model, set limit to dish, establish the message that resemble to announce to celebrate objective to be as high as freely greatly, SUNRISE special scale imprint have be as high as the folder that inserts a picture to also can undertake giving as the gift, welcome to pay close attention to.

“IP axis strategy ” the significant progress strategy that is 10 thousand Dai Nameng palace from beginning to end, henceforth, quickening further ” IP axis strategy ” in the process, be as high as IP to be on Chinese development especially, game of will comprehensive linkage, toy, entertainment, movie and TV, show these 5 careers group, deepen area linkage system ceaselessly in the development of Chinese market, promote each enterprise group develop in coordination.

This, be as high as 40 years to receive, open ” be as high as China to plan ” . The hope spans national boundaries and age, deliver the glamour of the product to more person, let more person understand our product, generation is resonant, and hope and they are strengthened be contacted and interact.

2020 the outbreak because of new coronal epidemic situation, a lot of lines issue an activity to be interrupted temporarily. But although be in the home, also can continue to communicate through Internet, experience ” · of dreamy · recreation is touched ” .