In new network Shanghai on July 29 report (Gao Zhimiao Wang Ji) ” whole to us film industry is changed for, can prop up have a young director, be equal to prop up rise person of a gang film. ” yellow Bo of director, actor is in the 23rd Shanghai salon of film of youth of international film festival says so.

First when since serving as epidemic situation happening, China holds great movie and TV kind international culture activity, film festival of international of the 23rd Shanghai suffers fully fix eyes upon, and ” the youth is directed ” development and the key that grow to also become the person that attend the meeting to pay close attention to.

“The theater is new after practice, I feel whole to the enthusiasm watching a movie of movie audience is not restrained. Whole motion picture is in the process that restore and flourishs in, the creation enthusiasm of the person that the youth is created also is not restrained. ” producer the Don expresses.

In director, supervise the manufacture of Li Shaogong looks, in the training course that the youth directs ” supervise the manufacture of ” act important role. “Because of him (supervise the manufacture of) the judgement that can go up with a few experience that come over, technology, to him (director) the idea on creation undertakes com

munication, pass next film them (director) opinion appears come out, I feel this also is the assurance of quality and efficiency. I feel this also is the assurance of quality and efficiency..

Zheng of Xu of director, actor, supervise the manufacture of also expresses, for the director to just beginning shoot, need supervise the manufacture of very much a such identity. “Young director wrote a script, he wants to be born his child to become the movie that can see in courtyard line, but the link that he does not understand is very much. In whole process need has the part that can help him make progress to shed Cheng Li face to production in the round, this part can help him to receiving all link, this is the effect that place of supervise the manufacture of should have. This is the effect that place of supervise the manufacture of should have..

Gao Zhimiao of spot of salon of film of youth of film festival of international of the 23rd Shanghai is photographed

Have ” supervise the manufacture of ” help strength while, “Platform ” want to also be being attached most importance to especially for young director, project of film of film festival of international of the 23rd Shanghai is achieved cast give out to the youth as agreed upon invite, for the youth the director was offerred ” pursue a dream ” arena.

Speak bluntly of Diao Yinan of director, playwrite: “I feel of Shanghai film festival achieve projecting a possibility is whole world film festival is achieved cast inside ‘ the old ‘ , because the project is too much. I see overmuch at most 20, we had read 40 many scripts these days. A few main unit very cautiously became judge, this quality special tall, give up of very much finally thing not. Give up of very much finally thing not..

As we have learned, film project is achieved this year cast those who receive in declaring a project, 7 make director a maiden work, the project that at the same time also 7 is become advocate achieve make up oneself guide oneself.

Huang Bo also thinks: “Can be entered and get Shanghai achieves the affirmation that cast, this is right young the business that deserves pride particularly is for the person that create. If say the film is of a hall, this may be the first initial door, you can knock it, you can knock it noisy, let inside hear it, this is very important one step to the young person that create. This is very important one step to the young person that create..

“Young director wants to be engaged in creating, still want to be had deep love for to the film above all, to oneself creation concept holds to. Additional, choose pair of platform even, choose pair of partners and cooperative target, choose pair of platform to resemble Shanghai such achieving cast meeting, picture ‘ scallion plans ‘ (Chinese youth director gives aid to plan) so professional platform, finish oneself ideal below everybody’s effort next. ” Li Shaogong emphasizes.

Huang Bo also emphasizes, can have done a business the most essential propping up is confidence enthusiastic perhaps. “We often see the sort of ray inside the eye of a few youths, want to had maintained it only, want to insist to come down only, regular meeting has belong to you then the portion is obtained. ” (be over)