In news of new network Shanghai report got a hat by Yilijin on July 22 exclusive coronal name broadcasts ” the romantic journey of the wife ” 4, in continueing to containing new sealed exploration completely wonderful before row. Wife brigade group is like fire from enthusiasm on the west double edition accept, fight in some places one by one goes to the ovine city Guangzhou of scene charming and gentle. Tourist guide of Hu Ke replace, lead star wife people continue open ” the patent of love ” itinerary, go discovering oneself and the life of more happiness.

   Always associate with all is sinfonia, with love the person of the same trade did not come but period

In the romantic journey of wife brigade group little not joy and surprise, but also be full of sealed with touch. In tropics the phoenix tree of flowers forest falls, hu Ke faces an elephant to ask for ” green, longing ” the phoenix of beautiful words is beautiful, become enamoured recounts him ” want to return very much in one’s childhood, hold in the arms more with mom close, say with mom I love you ” , offend so that all tear approachs wife brigade group. The experience that meets rarely at the job as a result of mom in one’s childhood leaves affection to be short of regret to Hu Ke, as small as An Jihe fish is paid attention to outside Hukege so interact daily, often take two sons to try all sorts of strange things, experience together of all kinds and sealed activity, give their full love to caress.

In Yang Cheng’s brigade, the style with this kind of sealed exploration is reflected likewise incisively and vividly, hu Ke guides wife brigade round open ” sea land sky is multivariate experience ” , have an insight into heart to heart the demand of every wife, arrangement of basic necessities of life gets reach every aspect of a matter. Is who can say this to result from is Hu Ke mixed to Anji daily small fish does fine understand without being told consider earnings? There is part more in the program, hu Ke releases childishness, if hide like child child,be at the door the hotel piquant ” gally ” wife brigade round member, wife people so happy that resemble ” 3 years old of darling ” . Because,perhaps be this one childishness, huke ability and two children are close from beginning to end, the distance is without between each other. “Love, attentive with childishness ” , it is Hu Ke ” the patent of love ” , the health of body and mind that guarding the child grows.

For round to wife brigade group long Xie Na, “The patent of love ” it is the pleasure that gives baby below busy working rhythm is guarded. When going to work outside, xie Na can film a few video, jump to jump spruce spruce him record the a bit lives, attentive all sorts of new information in explaining the journey. It is to be when noctivagant Pearl River more, halloo ” jump jump spruce, mom thinks you ” , the thunder longing to darling. Working at ordinary times clearance, xie Na also is met snatch a little leisure from a busy life and darling people video phone, of the children when with decreasing to go out every time the job goes back unfamiliar experience. Not only such, to the nutrition that darling growing place needs, colonel Xie Na also chooses high quality Yilijin to get coronal milk powder to regard darling as grain ration. Darling had enough nutrition safeguard, set his mind at truly as mom ability, be at ease.

   Mother love nutrition 18 years of inheritance, patent recipe hour is guarded

Have to let more child ” the patent of love ” , grow in the round to the child provide good nutrition and healthy safeguard, yi Li comes to unremitting ground 18 years to undertake Chinese mother breeds composition major studies. It is gold standard with mother milk from beginning to end, pass the systematic imitate of a variety of nutriment in breeding to the mother, breed gives powerful C

hinese patent recipe, bring more the patent nutrition that joint darling growing place needs. This week wife group will welcome new challenge, set out the secret that explores patent nutrition backside.